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Essential Lemon Eau de Toilette

Item Code: PN50CITRON
Price:  $19.95

Essential Lemon Eau de Toilette

Item Code: PN50CITRON
Price:  $19.95

The 50ml Essential Lemon is part of the Provence & Nature range of colognes, perfumes and fragrances "The Originelles" offering the most refined fragrances to the most sophisticated, developed from all natural extracts. They are obtained by steam distillation of water, maceration, fermentation or extraction with CO2 and all products are free from petrochemicals. The alcohol used is an alcohol produced by Organic Farming without phthalates. The products have received the label "Ecocert" and "Cosmébio." Friendly product for your health, environmentally friendly and result of knowledge that belongs to the French Perfumery.

Size: 50ml

Fragrance Description:

The fragrant essential oil of lemon is produced by cold pressing the peel, and described as clean, fresh and sparkling. Unlike other essential oils, lemon oil is usually cold pressed and therefore it has a fragrance that is similar to the fruit and its fresh ripe peel. Lemon note is one of the lightest notes and it is used as a lovely bright and sparkling top note. The luminous aroma of lemon is a common ingredient in light and invigorating summer fragrances.