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The "Fabrique A L'Ancienne" 250 gram traditionally made soaps are world famous for their beautiful rich texture and long lasting fragrance. These wonderful large soaps are hand made and stamped using techniques going back over 400 years. The soaps are still cooked in cauldrons by a Master Soap maker using olive oils and salt water from the Mediterranean Sea. The famous savonnerie, Le Serail, is situated on the outskirts of Marseille and is renowned for its traditional methods of making hard soaps and liquid soaps.We are pleased to offer these soaps to you so you can enjoy these famous soaps from the South of France. Once you use them you will be forever smitten by their rich, creamy lather and natural essentials oils which give them their long life.



Item: 250g Poppy
Price: $14.95

Rose Petals (Exfoliate)

Item: 250g Rose Petal
Price: $14.95

Verbena (Exfoliate)

Item: 250gVerbena
Price: $14.95

Lavender Broyee (Exfoliate)

Item: 250g Lavender
Price: $14.95


Item: 250gFrangipani
Price: $14.95

Lily of the Valley

Item: 250gLilyofValley
Price: $14.95


Item: 250g Olive
Price: $14.95


Item:  250gMilk
Price: $14.95


Item: 250gHoney
Price: $14.95


Item: 250gVanilla
Price: $14.95

LeSerailLogo.jpg - large Savon de Marseille Traditionally Liquid Soap

 These wonderful pure olive oil liquid soaps are hand/body washing luxury like no other liquid soap. They are a rich, thick and gentle soap that makes your skin feel clean and fresh, ideal in the laundry, toilet,shower and bathroom.Contain no chemicals and are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and are great for sensitive skin. They come in a 300 or 500ml bottle with pump dispenser and a 1ltr re-fill bottle.


Item: LeSerail-liquidsoap

LeSerailLogo.jpg - small Savon de Marseille Soap 

This is the only original Savon de Marseille traditional French soap which is handmade using a minimum of 72% olive oil,sea water from the Mediterranean and sea salt. It is an all purpose soap and can be used for washing your body, hair,clothes and even your favourite pet. Rub it on collars and cuffs for instant stain removal. This soap is made by one of the last Master soapmakers in Marseille using the ancient method of cauldrons.


300g Cube Traditional Olive Oil French Soap (no fragrance, unwrapped)

Item: C300Antique
Price: $9.90

1000g (1kg) of pure Traditional French Soap made with olive oil. A great shower accessory that will last 'forever' or as a decoration item for your bathroom.

Item: C1000
Price: $29.95


LeSerailLogo.jpg - small 1kg Savon de Marseille Olive Soap Flakes

This soap is made by one of the last Master soapmakers in Marseille using the ancient method of cauldrons.This is the only original Savon de Marseille traditional French soap which is handmade using a minimum of 72% olive oil, sea water and sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea.

It is an all purpose soap and can be used for washing your body, hair,clothes,pets or add to a bucket of boiling water & you can mop/clean your floors with it. 


Directions for washing your clothing:

  • Use either hot or cold water.
  • All clothing fabrics can be washed & as no chemicals are added, your clothing receive a thorough yet gentle wash, colours are maintained.
  • Simply add half a cup of soap flakes into your washing machine & fabric softener is not necessary.

1kg Olive

Item: SFOlive
Price: $14.00

1kg Olive Flakes+

25x15cm Decorative Glass Jar

Item: SoapFlakesJar
Price: $39.00


 DuMaisonC300Lav.jpg - largeLa Maison du Savon de Marseille 300g Soap

The 300g Lavender Marseille Soap is traditionally made with 72% olive and are delicately scented with lavender essential oil from Grasse in the South of France.

It is ideal for all skin types & can be used to was linen also.


300g Cube Lavender Soap - Wrapped

Item: C300Lavender.
Price: $9.90

huile-olive.png - large

La Maison du Savon de Maraseille 200g Alep Soap

True natural Soap is handcrafted in an authentic soap factory in the city of Aleppo in Syria. It is Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically tested & is produced with olive & Laurel bay oil, containing no dyes & no synthetic additives. It moisturises & softens sensitive, fragile & dry skin & is suitable for the whole family.


200g Alep Soap

Item:  200gAlepSoap
Price: $12.95

lechatelard1802.jpg - large

All  aspects  of  production,  from  the  harvesting  of  the  flowers  to  the making of lavender flower sachets, used from time immemorial to keep linen  closets  free  of  clothes moths,  are  centered  in  Saint  Auban  sur Ouvèze.  

Le Chatelard  guarantee  100%  French  craftsmanship  in  their workshops.  They apply the highest standards in quality at each stage of the production process,  from  the  lavender and  lavandin plants they grow  in  the  vicinity of  the  French  town  of  Le  Chatelard,  to  the  finishing  touches  brought to  the products  found  on  our  website.


575ml Lavender Soap Flakes in Metal Box

Item: LCMP13
Price: $19.95

300g Savon de Marseille-Lavender

Item: LCMP14
Price: $12.95