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Savon de Marseille | French Soaps | Le Serail Savonnerie | The French Shoppe 

Savon de Marseille

Our Savon de Marseille 300g cubes are made by the famous savonnerie (soap factory) Le Serail, in Marseille, South France. Using only the true traditional methods of cooking in cauldrons from pure olive oil & salt water from the Mediterranean Sea with the famous stamp "extra pure 72%". This most gentle and versatile soap is not only used as a detergent for personal hygiene care, it is also recommended by dermatologist to treat many skin diseases and also pediatricians for use on babies fragile skin. You can wash your hair, face and body with it & it's great for use on stubborn stains on shirt cuffs and collars.


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Fabrique A L'Ancienne 

The "Fabrique A L'Ancienne" traditionally made Savon de Marseille French Soaps are world famous for their beautiful rich texture and long lasting fragrance. These soaps are still cooked in cauldrons by the Master Soap maker Le Serail using a pure olive oil base, essential oils from the famous region of Provence, and washing out any impurities with sea water from the Mediterranean. The result enhances the superior quality and daily use of these luxury soaps that are gentle on the skin with beautiful fragrances from Provence.


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