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French Soaps | Savon de Marseille | Gift Soaps

French Soaps

At The French Shoppe we have the finest range of French Soaps in Australia.

Our range includes: True Savon de Marseille, Argan Oil Soaps, Gift Soaps and Aleppo Soaps

Below are some of our most popular French Soaps, click on the links to view the full range.



True Savon de Marseille | French Soaps | The French Shoppe
Savon de Marseille

This is the only true Savon de Marseille traditional French soaps which are handmade using a

minimum of 72% olive oil and sea water from the Mediterranean Sea.

Our beautiful range includes 300g and 1kg cubes, Fragranced 250g Fabrique Soap Bars,

Soap on a Rope and Pure Olive Oil Liquid Soaps.


View More Savon de Marseille



Buy Aleppo Soaps Online at The French Shoppe

Aleppo SoapS

The Aleppo Soap is the original on which all soaps throughout the world were modelled.

Aleppo soap is composed of olive oil, laurel oil, lye (Sodium Hydroxide) and water only.


 View More Aleppo Soaps


French Gift Soaps | The French Shoppe

French Gift Soaps

Our French Gift Soaps collectiion includes vegetable soap made with Shea Butter that imparts unsurpassed softness to the skin & is scented with Grasse floral perfume.

Available in 100g soap in tin box or 150g round soap in matching box.


View More French Gift Soaps





French Soaps | Loccitane en Provence | The French Shoppe

l'occitane FRENCH SOAPs

The traditional French art of soap making has a rich history in the South of France. At L’OCCITANE we pay homage to the time-honoured methods of the past, and use them to produce natural soaps made from organic ingredients like lavender, shea butter and verbena. Our soaps leave skin feeling clean but not dry, and the light fragrances linger on skin throughout the day.


l'occitane LIQUID SOAPS

Why settle for a boring hand soap when you can have one that takes you to the South of France with natural iconic fragrances from the region? Check out L’OCCITANE’s liquid soaps in scents like almond, lavender and verbena. We also have new eco-refills to limit waste so you can keep enjoying your products without worrying about environmental impact.

Argan Oil Soaps

Argan Oil comes from Morocco in North Africa where the Berber woman found this miracle oil - 

the secret for beauty & healthy skin.


View More Argan Oil Soaps


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